Foundation Timeline

  • July 2003- Writing of Articles of Incorporation begins.
  • November 2003 – Articles of Incorporation registered with the State of Florida. Writing of Bylaws begins.
  • April 2004-Bylaws approved.
  • September 2005- 501c3 charitable non-profit tax exempt status granted.
  • April 26, 2006-Dedication of Eleanor Daly Troy Room.
  • August 2006-First brochure printed.
  • 2007-City of Gulfport receives Community of a Lifetime designation with support from Foundation Board.
  • April 2008- First Newsletter.
  • May 2008-Snack Bar installed in Senior Center Lobby.
  • August 2008-Three treadmills and recumbent stationary bicycle purchased for Fitness Center.
  • September 2008-40 “ LCD television installed in Senior Center Lobby.
  • November 2008- 5th Anniversary.
  • March 2009-Six Shapemaster Easytone exercise machines added to Fitness Center.
  • December 2009-Snack Bar upgrades including new cabinetry and refrigerator.
  • January 2010-Senior Center receives national accreditation with financial support from the Foundation.
  • June 2010-Patio furniture purchased for outdoor patio.
  • August 2010-Health Station purchased for Fitness Center.
  • January 2011-Shapemaster Multimaster added to Fitness Center.
  • July 2011 – Jerryanne Hindman hired as Foundation office manager.
  • December 2011-Celebration Wall and seating area constructed.
  • June 2012-Shared purchase of new carpet for Catherine Hickman Theater lobby.
  • July 2012-Installation of two honor boards and 5 bulletin boards.
  • Summer 2012 – Sarah Peel resigned as President, replaced by Michael Audino.
  • February 2013-Original Foundation President Jane Ogilvie hired as Foundation’s first Executive Director.
  • August 2013-Purchase of 10 laptop computers for senior computer classes.
  • December 2013-Installation of Celebration Wall artwork by Jonathan Schork.
  • June 2014-Jane Ogilvie resigns as Foundation Executive Director.
  • October 2014 – New Foundation Mission Statement adopted:
    “Raise and distribute funds that support and enhance the recreational, educational, social and health related programs and services of The Gulfport Multipurpose Senior Center.”

Original Founders

Susan Frank -  Gulfport Senior Center Supervisor
Jane D. Ogilvie – Volunteer – Owner Senior Solutions of Pinellas County
Sarah Peel – Gulfport Senior Center Services Coordinator

Original Board of Directors

Helen M. Adornato
John A. Milford
Jane D. Ogilvie
William R. Wolf

Original Foundation Attorney

Ms. Karen Keaton