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Foundation Timeline

  • July 2003- Writing of Articles of Incorporation begins.
  • November 2003 – Articles of Incorporation registered with the State of Florida. Writing of Bylaws begins.
  • April 2004-Bylaws approved.
  • September 2005- 501c3 charitable non-profit tax exempt status granted.
  • April 26, 2006-Dedication of Eleanor Daly Troy Room.
  • August 2006-First brochure printed.
  • April 2008- First Newsletter.
  • May 2008-Snack Bar installed in Senior Center Lobby.
  • September 2008-40 “ LCD television installed in Senior Center Lobby.
  • November 2008- 5th Anniversary.

Original Founders

Susan Frank -  Gulfport Senior Center Supervisor
Jane D. Ogilvie – Volunteer – Owner Senior Solutions of Pinellas County
Sarah Peel – Gulfport Senior Center Services Coordinator

Original Board of Directors

Helen M. Adornato
John A. Milford
Jane D. Ogilvie
William R. Wolf

Foundation Attorney

Ms. Karen Keaton