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How to enlarge the text in a Web page

The web browser is the program that displays web pages on your computer. Most Web browsers let you increase or decrease the size of the text in a Web page. If you want to increase the text size, find your browser listed in the table below, then follow the Menu Item instructions. Most people with PCs use Internet Explorer. You can tell if you are using Internet Explorer because you will see a round blue E on the left side of your internet address bar.

1) Internet Explorer

View > Text Size > Choose Size

2) Firefox

Netscape View > Text Size > Choose Size

3) Opera

View > Zoom > Choose Size

4) Safari

View > Make Text Bigger


Example (Internet Explorer):
Click "View" on your browser's menu bar to open the dropdown menu. Scroll down to "Text Size." A second dropdown menu will open. Select "Larger" or "Largest" to enlarge the text.